We are open throughout the lockdown period. Please contact us directly on 07455166192 for more information as operating hours and services offered may change.

We will be REOPENING at weekends from Saturday 17th April. Please contact us for more information.

Leaders Of The Pack

Emma – Founder and Owner

Emma gave up her career in IT to make the life better for a neglected neighbourhood dog.  From setting up a dog walking company in 2004 (All 4 Paws),to opening the first daycare for dogs in 2007, to going even futher and opening the UK's first free running dog rescue with Dogs4Rescue opening 2013.  Emma's passion is at the forefront of each business, and the charity work is Making Dogs Lives Better.  This has seen the business grow, expand, move premises, open a pool and continue to design the centre around the happiness of each of the dogs and their very individual needs.  Emma strives to inspire and revolutionise the pet care and dog rescue industries through this success.

Emma - "When you do something because you believe it's right, you are rewarded and your life becomes fuller.  These dogs have made my life more enjoyable than I could had dreamed"

Matt – General Manager

Matt started with Daycare4Dogs in July 2019. He was brought in by Emma to help take us to the next level of Daycare and help make us even better than we are now. He is a country bumkin at heart and loves all animals. With over 12 years’ experience in management roles he is here to guide the Daycare4Dogs team onwards and upwards.

Matt - “I have found my dream job with Daycare4Dogs. I hope to be part of this amazing team for many years to come and hope I can add to the great work that has already been done by Emma and the team. Making Dogs Lives Better is what we live by here at the Daycare and the Rescue and anything we can do to make that come true will be done because we love each and every dog who comes to us.”

Sharon – Dog Behaviour and Enrichment Manager

Sharon, AKA Shaz, has been with Daycare4Dogs since the very beginning. She is the main Lady about the Daycare and runs the floor making sure all our beautiful doggies get the care and attention they need. Her loud and bubbly personality cannot be matched and all of our doggie’s love being with her. Shaz has always had a passion for rescuing dogs and has 3 rescue doggies of her own. Shaz has stuck with us through thick and thin and personifies Daycare4Dogs and we couldn’t do what we do without her.

Sharon - “I love the fact that what we do makes a difference to dog’s lives. Whether it be the rescues who come from Dogs4Rescue or the dogs that really come out of their shell when with us. What we do really does make dogs lives better and I love the family we have created at the Daycare and the Rescue.”

Mike – Operations Manager

Mike is Daycare4Dogs Operations Manager. He hass been part of the Daycare family since 2017. He leads the way when it comes to making sure all our staff are trained to the highest of standards so that they can confidently and professionally care for all our dogs. He specializes in working with our cheekier doggies ensuring that they become the star pupils we know they can be.

Mike - “Daycare4Dogs is my passion, I love building a bond with the dogs and getting to know all their different personalities. I learn something new about dog behaviour every day.”

Jen - Daycare Assistant

Jen came to us in 2018, and we haven’t looked back since. She brings a unique calming effect to all of our dogs and wonderful control too. Along with Kayleigh, Jen is one of our Senior Dog Handlers and she has the important role of social media chief (with help from the others of course) making sure all our followers get their daily doggy pic fix.

Jen – “Since Joining the Daycare family in 2018 my love and bond for the staff and dogs has grown. I love that it is a place the dogs can call home and we are one big family”

Jess - Daycare Assistant

Jess is our resident night owl. Mainly looking after all our Hotel guests in the Hotel4Dogs. Since joining us in 2018 we really could not provide the service we do without her. She makes sure all your lovely pups are cared for when you are away on your holidays and she forms wonderful bonds with the dogs making sure they all feel super safe and cared for when they are staying with us.

Jess – “I love all dogs and this job gives me such satisfaction, plus doing the night shifts mean I get to snuggle all the doggies”

Hannah - Daycare Assistant

Hannah is one of our all-round stars. Whatever needs doing Hannah will get it done. She has a huge love for our doggies and loves to have a good cuddle on the sofas with them as well as doing the training sessions with them. She has been a vital part of the team since 2018.

Hannah – “I’ve worked at Daycare4Dogs over a year now and love it. I’ve always wanted to work with dogs and rang the centre about volunteering originally. I could not believe my luck when they offered me a volunteer spot and then 3 months later a contracted position. It is my dream job. It was love at first sight for me and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. It really is one big family.”

Sue - Daycare Assistant

Sue is one of the most important team members we have. Sue spends most of her time with us working 121 with our doggies and is also the one who takes them into our Pooch Pool. She spends as much time in her wetsuit as she does in her uniform. With superb control and understanding of our dogs Daycare would not be the same without her.

Sue – “I really enjoy the job and love looking after the dogs”

Charlotte – Daycare Assistant

Charlotte is currently studying Canine and Feline Psychology at University. She has been with us since 2018 and brings her knowledge with her into the Daycare. She contributes a huge amount and we are learning lots from her, along with her gaining vital practical experience with us.

“I love working here, I am able to do this alongside my studies and it is giving me fantastic experience working with dogs.”

Damien - Daycare Assistant

Damo, is one of the new wave of Dogs Handlers we have, he joined us in 2019. His love in life is animals, from his pet lizards to the doggies he cares for in the Daycare. You can usually hear him coming before you see him as he travels around on a motorbike and you will never see him without a smile on his face.

Damo – “What’s better than being paid to be with dogs. It is a dream and I love every minute”

Bethany - Daycare Assistant

A star in the making at the Daycare, Bethany joined us in 2019 and fitted in immediately. She is learning quick and is quickly becoming a huge asset to the Daycare team.

“Growing up with animals, I’ve always appreciated everything our dogs can do for us. Daycare4Dogs allows me to give back to the animals that make our lives so enjoyable.”

Emma - Daycare Assistant

Emma is our newest addition to the team; she was another volunteer who we just could not do without. She possible has the biggest heart of us all and just loves all the doggies, and they love her.

“I simply love all dogs and absolutely love working here. This isn’t a job, it too much fun.”